10' Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL) 2906K

by Super Anchor Safety

SAS # 2906K

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The SAS special lines of SRL's are built for the residential & light commercial construction trades. In the event of a free fall, the SRL locks itself and arrests your fall, thus preventing you from hitting the ground. The quick acting locking mechanism limits your arresting force and most users appreciate that using a SRL keeps tripping hazards down to a minimum. We specify that you connect the snap-hook to a shock absorber/energy absorber to help reduce force load on the anchor, your body and the SRL cable. Our SRL is good for 2 years or until it needs to be recertified. There are many advantages to using a retractable, but keep in mind workers must be trained on all aspects of an SRL including their limitations. Features and benefits of the Sidewinder SRL:

  • Heavy Duty ABS Housing with Galvanized Cable
  • Available in 10', 20', 30' and 50' lengths
  • Fall Indicator built into Snap-hook
  • Complies with OSHA, ANSI and CSA Standards
  • Lower Cost than most Retractables on the Market today
  • Fully Compatible with our Anchors
  • Comprehensive 2 page Instruction Manual

Using an SRL can be extremely complicated and even hazardous to those not properly trained in their use and limits on residential structures. Proper training is of paramount importance with SRL's! Here are just a few items covered in detail in the Specification/Instruction Manual at right:

  • Free Fall Distance – it is very easy to get way out of your "Anchor Service Zone" while using a SRL, as there is no limiting feature to warn you that you are at your maximum free fall
  • Fall Arrest Only – you cannot really use an SRL in a fall restraint mode even though they would fit under that classification according to OSHA... because they only work when you fall!
  • Expense – Although you can purchase 4 of our vertical lifelines for every 1 SRL most contractors and workers who use an SRL prefer the ease of use and versatility of the SRL over the conventional rope lanyard.
Part # Description
2901K 50' SRL with Galvanized Cable
2903K 30' SRL with Galvanized Cable
2904K 20' SRL with Galvanized Cable
2906K 10' SRL with Galvanized Cable

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