Super Anchor Auto-Lock Carabiner - Aluminum 5006

by Super Anchor Safety
SKU: SAS5006

All connectors supplied by Super Anchor Safety are proof loaded and certified to comply with OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards.

Aluminum Carabiners: The Omega modified-D auto lock carabiner has been the standard connector used by Super Anchor Safety for over 12 years. Anodized for high visibility and durability, the 1/2" diameter Auto-lock will outlast and outperform even the best snap hook on the market. Order as a standard component, accessory or on our custom fabricated webbing and lifelines. Rated for 24KN or 5,395 lbs. ANSI Z359 Standard hardware is available.

Steel Carabiners: The Omega Modified D-auto-lock steel carabiner is 7/16" in diameter and di-chromate plated to resist corrosion. Fully compatible with all of our anchorage and webbing products. Rated for 8,900 lbs., this carabiner is just as durable as the aluminum version. We also offer a thread locking version for those who prefer a more complicated approach to connecting their equipment, available by request. ANSI Z359 Standard hardware is available.

Double Locking Snaphooks: Our Snaphooks are rated for over 5,000 pounds and are proof loaded to ensure absolute safety and reliability. We manufacture this product onto many of our lifelines, shock absorber and lanyards as a factory compliant component. We offer a swivel snaphook to help keep ropes and lanyards for getting tangled up and we now offer a Rebar Snaphook for attaching to bigger pieces of structure. Note that we do not sell these individually – they need to be splices or sewn onto a product in order to leave our factory.

D-Rings & Buckles: We only use the best hardware on our components. Everything is proof loaded to 3,600 pounds to ensure safety and reliability. The D-rings and buckles come in many different shapes, sizes and configurations.

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