BullyBag Ultra Pouch - Babson Belt Loop


When the BullyBag was designed, they had one goal in mind: Make Field Adjusters, Contractors Sales & Estimators more successful.

When I arrived on site to my first major catastrophe, my manager was Robert Babson who's first words to me were "You're an adjuster… Adjust!". Adjust I did. After years of adjusting and learning from who is regarded as one of the best in the business, Robert (Robbie as he is known) bought a BullyBag for himself and his son. Months later Robbie sent me photos of his modified BullyBag whereas he had replaced what was our ergonomic Paddle clip with belt loops. He said he liked the Paddle and LOVED the BullyBag but preferred to wear the pouch all day without a need to remove it. Clearly the natural thing to do was to name our designed version after him. The "Babson" features a belt feed through channel / loop, which will allow a belt as wide as 2 inches. The BullyBag “Babson” is a great system for those who prefer a belt feed through loop to attach or implement with a harness system such as the SuperAnchor Harness. The BullyBag "Babson" Ultra Pouch is everything you need in one compact, lightweight hip holstered package. Durable and good looking as it is functional, with reinforced stitching leading the way for balanced tool storage. The BullyBag “Babson” is built to withstand the rigors of professional use and the organized functional design make BullyBag "Babson" the tool pouch for pros of the trade, around the globe.

Features made to work

The same quality of the original BullyBag, the “Babson” attaches by way of a belt feed through channel, or belt loop. Lightweight with 12 chambers in all to handle what you need when you need it. Tough by design with a YKK™ interlocking zipper and closed-top Vel-Cro™ tool pockets, the BullyBag provides secure & balanced tool access… without having to search. The BullyBag "Babson" with a "belt loop" style attachment for channeling a belt from hip or harness through provides all day balance and comfort; double-stitched seams to provide years of dependable heavy use; a business card chamber for identification and 2 Delrin™ hooks for lightweight/quick clipboard or other stowage for hands-free control. You’re a professional who needs tools to perform – not drag you down. Lightweight control, weighing in at only 16 ounces, the BullyBag is the ultimate in comprehensive comfort & control. An easy to clean, floating deep channel main pouch for the tools you use most (like chalk and gloves), with a hidden in-side Vel-Cro™ secure pouch perfect for a 100' tape or other tool you know you need, but don’t know when. Less time walking back to the truck and more time focused on the catastrophe at hand. The BullyBag allows you to Claim the Storm™, not storm for tools. With 5 Vel-Cro™ pouches in all with elastic top ridges for your phone, camera, laser measure, 100' tape, and business cards. You won’t just Claim the Storm™, you'll own it, with BullyBag. Complete with our powder coated utility clip for your stand-out tape measure; 2 hidden slots for a pry-bar & Haag shingle gauge; 4 – 1″ Powder Coated D-Rings made for securing other gear; 2 pen & 2 battery slots, you are always at the ready – on the roof or in the air on harness. Comes complete with our Tool Managers 1-Badge Retainer & 1-Gear Retainer to keep your camera other tools safe and not a falling hazard. Over 5 years in field design, the BullyBag "Babson" is ready to work, just as hard as you are.

Claim the Storm with BullyBag today!


  • 12 Individual tool chambers
  • 6 Tool slots
  • 2 Hands Free Utility hooks
  • 4 – 1″ D-rings
  • 5 Velcro™ secure pockets
  • 1 Utility Clip for Tape measure or other Tool
  • Ergonomic Paddle Hip Holster


  • Business Card Display Carrier
  • Utility Clip
  • Ballistic Nylon
  • 100' Tape Measure Compartment
  • YKK™ Interlocking Zipper
  • Para-Cord Zipper Handles
  • 3mm Gauge Rivets