Super Anchor CRA Lead Flashing 2004

by Super Anchor Safety

SAS # 2004


The Commercial Roof Anchor (CRA) was added to our line of products at the request of our customers who needed a durable, practical, easy to install, and low maintenance anchor point for commercial roof applications. The CRA is manufactured from high strength steel and has a galvanized or powder-coated finish. With it's large universal base plate, multiple attachment options, 12" and 18" stem heights and horizontal lifeline compatibility, the CRA will fit nearly all flat and low sloped roof applications. We also have our special "Pass-Thru" top that allows the user to pass through the top of the anchor without having to unhook from the lifeline. The CRA is a pre-engineered horizontal lifeline system that is perfect for most flat roof applications. This means that if you install the CRA as per our Instruction/Specification manual you have a fall arrest system that does not need any special on site engineering.

  • Designed for Commercial Roof Applications and Flat Roofs
  • Can be Utilized as a Horizontal Lifeline Anchor
  • 12" and 18" Riser Heights and Custom Size up to 36"
  • Mounts to Wood, Steel or Concrete Decking
  • Includes All Fasteners
  • Horizontal Lifeline System Readily Available
  • Engineering Documents Available for Download

The CRA's are placed on average 6' in from the leading edge and spaced about 20' apart and the longest span is 120'. These anchors are built to last and have many more options to choose from. Please download the Instruction/Specification Manual at the right for more technical information, specs and pictures. Call or email for more information.

Part # Description
1032 CRA with 12" Riser
1032P CRA Pass Thru 12" Riser
1033 CRA with 18" Riser
1033P CRA Pass Thru 18" Riser
1044 CRA 12" Stem Only Weld On
1045 CRA 18" Stem Only Weld On
1038 CRA D-Plate Anchcor
1033 CRA Backer Plate
1050P Pass Thru Horizontal Line Kit up to 60'
1051P Pass Thru Horizontal Line Kit up to 120'
1055 3/8" Cable Galvanized
1056 3/8" Clamps
1058 3/4" Turnbuckles
Many More Part Numbers & Options Available

Equipment Inspection PowerPoint Presentation Older Manual Version



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