Super Anchor 50' Total Package Value Pack 4019


Our Total Package approach provides the solution to equipment selection by offering a tested, certified and engineered system that features quality and economy. This total package comes with our "Value Grab" rope grab device and is loved by workers all across the country. The Value Grab is a version of the Super Grab but without some of the fancy features. The Value Pack offers the following items conveniently packaged in a 3.5 gallon bucket:

  • 25' or 50' Lifeline with Value Grab Rope Grab
  • Full Body Harness with Shock Absorber
  • Double Locking Snaphook Hardware
  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual
  • Price Competitive

Our Value-Pak is less expensive than our Deluxe Total package due mostly in part to the lifeline. The Deluxe Lifeline is one of the nicest lifeline systems on the market today and will last quite a bit longer than the value lifeline.