Super Anchor 25' Universal Value Pack 4038


This kit is make for those that love our Value Pak but that want a good old fashioned mechanical rope grab instead of the Prussic style grab. Specifically designed for the residential construction worker, this equipment is engineered to be fully compatible with all of our anchorage devices. What does that mean for you?

OSHA requires that the various components used for personal fall protection equipment, including the anchorage device, be engineered to work harmoniously together without creating an unforeseen hazard. Our total package approach provides the solution to equipment selection by offering a tested, certified, engineered system that features quality and economy. Our equipment complies with Federal OSHA and ANSI standards including Cal-OSHA and WISHA requirements. Kit comes with:

  • 50' Value Line with Mechanical Rope Grab
  • Auto Locking Aluminum Carabiner
  • Full Body Harness with Shock Absorber
  • Universal Stainless Steel Roof Anchor
  • Heavy Duty Carry Bucket
  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual