Super Anchor Retrofit Anchor (100/per) + FREE Deluxe Harness with Tool Bags!!!

SKU 2815BD-6151

Do you have a job that needs 100+ Retrofit anchors?  For every 100 units we'll include a FREE Super Anchor Deluxe Harness with Bags (a $377 value) for you or one of your team.  No catch, this is just a great deal.

No limit while supplies last!!!

#2815BD - Retrofit Anchor Kit (Bulk)(Price Per Each)  17ga. Steel Leg w/ Dacromet D-Ring + 2 Hole Sizes

Many older and recently constructed homes do not have roof anchors. This is a problem for so many who have to access the roof for repairs, warranty and general maintenance & improvement. The Retro-Fit Anchor is being installed by roofing contractors and homeowners all over the country for fall protection.

The anchor is designed to be installed by removing only a portion of the ridge and does not require a conventional flashing system. Use over asphalt shingle, wood shake or metal roofing, the butyl flashing strip attached to the underside of the anchor will provide a water resistant installation. Compatible with standard and vented ridge-cap systems, the low profile strap anchor is aesthetically pleasing and can also be painted to match the roof color.

  • Works with Vented & Non-Vented Ridge Caps
  • Perfect for Asphalt, Wood & Metal Roofs
  • Includes a Butyl Strip for a Waterproof Seal
  • Low Profile Design Blends Into Roofing
  • Complies with all OSHA and ANSI Standards
  • Includes Fasteners

The Retro is one of our most popular anchors ever. As you can see by the photos, it really does blend in to the roofing surface very good. A lot of our customers (and architects) really appreciate that they can have safety and aesthetics at the same time.