Super Anchor SideWinder2 Leading Edge SRL Nylon Housing & Stainless Steel Braking System - 50' - 2901A-LE

SKU 2901A-LE

The SideWinder2-LE Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL’s) comes with a leading edge Energy absorber. Designed and engineered to arrest a fall when a worker falls off a leading edge. They can be used on a flat roof, sloped roof or in a vertical (overhead) position. SRL’s are a very specialized piece of fall protection equipment and require user training in order to be used properly. Our SideWinder2-LE SRL’s are offered in 30’ and 50’ lengths and feature a strong reinforced Nylon housing. All Sidewinders come with a 3’600-pound steel auto-locking carabiner to connect to your anchor point. Features include:

  • Lengths offered in 30’ and 50’
  • Leading edge Energy Absorber
  • Centrifugal, Stainless Steel braking system
  • Reinforced Nylon Housing with casing swivel connector
  • Custom Warning Label Package Resists Wear & Tear from Roofing Surface
  • Double Locking, swivel, 3,600-pound Impact Indicator Snaphook
  • Durable galvanized 3/16” Cable
  • Maximum Arresting Distance 54”
  • Full Services Performed at Super Anchor Safety Factory
  • Complies with OSHA and ANSI Standards

Services, Inspections and Rebuilds are performed by highly skilled factory technicians at our factory in Monroe. Please call us regarding any questions and we will keep you informed during the whole process. Please see the “Manuals” tab to download our specialized Repair Authorization forms and Inspection Reports Forms to get the process started.

Technical Specifications

  • Application: Flat, sloped or overhead anchorage
  • Fall Protection Rating: Fall Arrest
  • User Weight Range: 130 - 310lb
  • Avg. arrest force: 1,350lb
  • Max. arrest force: 1,800lb
  • Max. free fall: 60"
  • Max. arrest distance: 54"
  • Internal components: Stainless Steel
  • SRL casing: Reinforced nylon
  • Lifeline cable: 3/16" galvanized
  • SRL length: Fully retracted 41"
  • Connectors: Comply w/ANSI Z359.123,600lb gate strength
  • Compliance: ANSI Z359.14-14 Type B / OSHA 1926.502