Super Anchor Tile Roof RetroFit Anchor Kit 2815T


The Tile Roof Retro follows the same design cues as our standard RetroFit anchor with the main difference being the length of the anchor. The Tile Roof Retro is 35" long vs. 13" long thus allowing the D-rings to be exposed under the last course of the tile.

The anchor can be installed as a RetroFit application or as a new construction application. The unique design does not require a conventional flashing system because the anchor does not penetrate the sheeting. It simply installs with 8 spiral shank stainless steel nails. The butyl flashing strip attached to the underside of the anchor will provide a water resistant installation. Compatible with standard and vented ridge-cap systems, tis low profile strap anchor is aesthetically pleasing and can also be painted to match the roof color.

  • Designed Specifically for High and Low Profile Tile Roofs
  • Includes a Butyl Strip for a Waterproof Seal
  • Low Profile Design Blends Into Roofing
  • Complies with all OSHA and ANSI Standards
  • Includes Stainless Steel Fasteners

The Retro is one of our most popular anchors ever. As you can see by the photos, it really does blend in to the roofing surface very good. A lot of our customers (and architects) really appreciate that they can have safety and aesthetics at the same time.

Looking for a Single Sided Tile Roof Anchor? Check out our RS-20 anchor. This was the original design for tile roofs and is still used extensively throughout North America. The RS-20 is perfect for shed roofs, hip corners and other areas where a Tile Roof Retro will not work.

Super Anchor 2815 Installation Manual