Super Anchor ARS 2x4 Fall Arrest Anchor Kit 14ga SST 2830


The industry standard in anchorage devices, the ARS Series stainless steel anchor has been providing fall protection for the residential and commercial building industry for over 18 years! Installed at the framing stage, the patented design is flashing into the roofing membrane as a permanent fixture that has the added benefit of providing anchorage for other trades. It also solves the problem of what to do about call backs and maintenance workers.

With the OSHA abolishment of the Interim Standard, the specification of the ARS anchor on all of your roofs all but eliminates compliance issues. To ensure waterproofing, we offer a wide range of flashing bases and stem covers that are compatible with most types of roofing materials in use today. The ARS series installs quickly and easily with a single grade 8 bolt and 6 teco nails that are provided with each anchor. SAS being headquartered in Seattle, WA will give you the added assurance that they know how to waterproof their anchors. Some features and benefits of the ARS Series:

  • Fully Engineered Fall Arrest Anchor
  • 100% Waterproof with Dual Flashing System
  • Factory Supplied Attachment Hardware
  • Ideal for Most Types of Roofing Material
  • Can be used by all Tradesmen
  • Permanent – Stays for Life of Structure