Super Anchor Packaged Santoprene Flashing, Black Stem Cover & Tether 2809


Our Stem Covers are the 2nd part of our 2-part flashing system. They serve a couple of very important purposes for our ARS Anchor Points:

Flashing size is 8"x8" with a 3" stem height. The flashing has ribs on the bottom to accept butyl type sealant. Fasteners are not included to attach the flashing to the roof. The flashing conforms easily to the different roof profiles assuring a nice weather tight fit.

  • Seal the area between the anchor stem and the flashing base
  • Protect the anchor warning label from UV and weather deterioration
  • Protect the anchor stem cover from weather
  • Blends the color into the roof seamlessly
  • Offered in 3 colors – Black, Gray, and Terra Cotta

We offer the Stem Cover in 3 different colors with Black being 98% of what we sell. The Gray and Terra Cotta are more for the tile roof applications found in the warmer states.

All Stem Covers are offered individually for sale and are also offered as standard equipment with all ARS and ARS Tile Roof Anchor kits.