Super Anchor RS-10 Anchor Kit 2813



RS-10 Anchor Specs: 20ga. 430SST w/Stamped Dacromet D-ring. Single Hole Size w/Butyl Strip + 8pc SST Nail Pack

These anchors are perfect for all different applications for fall protection. They follow the same design principles of the famous RetroFit Anchor found on the previous page. Why the RS "single D-ring" anchors? Simple: Versatility. It started with customers who needed an anchor similar to the #2815 RetroFit for Tile Roofs. A single sided, 20" long D-Ring anchor fit the bill perfect. Composition roofing customers liked the idea of the RS-20 but needed something about 1/2 the size, hence our RS-10 anchor. The RS-10 is exactly 1/2 of a Retro-fit anchor, too. These permanent, low-profile anchors come with stainless steel attachment hardware and comprehensive installation instruction. Some features and benefits:

  • RS-10 is Perfect for Asphalt Shingle Roofing and Wall Applications
  • RS-20 is Perfect for Tile, Slate, Wood shake and Asphalt Applications
  • Permanent Low Profile Design Does Not Detract from Roof
  • Use on Roof or Wall Surfaces
  • Easy to Install and Includes all Fasteners
  • Rated for 5,000 OSHA Fall Arrest

These are quickly becoming the best selling SAS anchors due to their versatility and we are finding that Roofing Contractors are bidding the cost of these anchors in with the roofing bid. This allows them to comply with OSHA, add value to their company and safety plan, and help them when they need to come back for maintenance, repairs or warranty work.

Super Anchor 2813 Installation Manual