Super Anchor 25' Maxima Lifeline with Snaphook and Value Grab Prussic Rope Grab 4085-25V

SKU SAS4085-25V

This is a 3-strand lifeline made from copolymer that is rated for 10,582 pounds. It is 5/8” in diameter and can be used with any Super Anchor Safety rope grab device. Durable copolymer construction resists abrasion and water absorption. Comes with a 3,600-pound gate strength snaphook for connecting to your anchor point. Included our Super Grab Value Grab Prussic Rope Grab device.

  • 5/8” thick, 3-strand, 10,582lb Strength Rating
  • Resists UV Exposure, Abrasion and Water Absorption
  • Snaphook rated with 3,600 pound gate strength