Super Anchor MAX Force Absorber with Dee-Web & Loop End 6192


The Energy Absorber is one of the most critical components for fall protection and is required by OSHA when workers are exposed to a free fall hazard. Designed to limit maximum arrest forces while slowing the descent, our absorbers feature patented domestic manufactured tear webbing and the highest quality connectors. MAX Force personal energy absorbers are manufactured at our factory in Monroe, WA and are ensured for component compatibility with all Super Anchor Safety Personal Protection Equipment. An absolute must for fall protection. Our Ultra-Lite Dee Web Series is the next generation in energy absorbers and a Super Anchor Safety exclusive design. Eliminating the connector on the end of the absorber results in a more comfortable attachment and component weight is reduced nearly 50% less than standard model absorbers. Our most popular model, #6190 is fitted with a super lightweight captive aluminum carabiner for the lightest weight of any absorber we make. The Ultra-Lite attaches to the dorsal D-ring with a web loop and meets the same compliance and performance as our standard model absorbers. Maximum arresting force is 900 pounds with a maximum deployment length of 42”.

  • Ultra-Lite Dee-Web Attachment
  • One of the Industries Lightest energy Absorbers
  • Maximum Arresting Force of 900 Pounds