Super Anchor 2x4 Adjustable Floor Joist Safety Bar - 12", 16" & 24" OC x 48" Length 1017C

by Super Anchor Safety

The original roof truss top chord Safety Bar has been a proven tested design for 10 years.

Super Anchor Safety Bars are designed to withstand the tough environmental conditions common in the framing industry and will provide many years of service life.

The SAS Safety Bar is the only product on the market for open framing fall protection and is used by framing crews all across the country for OSHA compliance during the absolute most difficult time to provide fall protection. The Safety Bar answers back with its rock solid proven design that has saved countless framers from falling. It is a very specific tool that provides a sturdy tie-off point for two workers and spaces the trusses 24" centers at the same time.


Designed for use with 4x2 floor joist and roof trusses. Attaches and removes easily with detent locking pins.

1017A and 1017B Specs:

  •     2 person capacity Fall Arrest.
  •     Safety Green powder coated.
  •     1.5 x 1.5 x 1/8”A-36 Steel Cross-bar.
  •     2” x 3/16” Attachment Stems.
  •     3/16” Bump Bar.
  •     3/8”diam., 18,000lb strength Stainless Steel detent pins.
  •     Coated cable pin tethers.
  •     Fall indicator attachment points.
  •     Perfect leg spacing.
  •     Top chord centering holes.

1017C  Additional Specs:

  •     1/8” A-36 Steel cross-bar.
  •     3/16” adjustable leg shoe.
  •     Grade 8 attachment bolts or SST captive and leg attachment bolts.

The Safety Bar – unique tool for a niche market. Yes, it will work for you, your crews and your safety record.

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