50' 3-Strand Value Lifeline w/ Snaphook (NO rope grab) 4021

by Super Anchor Safety

SAS # 4021

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Our Value Lifeline is made from a 10,000 pound three-strand polyolefin rope. What does this mean? Even though we call it a Value Lifeline, we do not skimp on the materials in this lifeline. The 3-strand lifeline will last you a long time and not cost you a fortune. This is the only lifeline we offer that comes with 2 double locking snaphooks – one on the end of the lifeline and one that is integrated into the modified Super Grab Rope Grab Device. Features and Benefits of the Value Line Series:

  • Super Strong & Durable 5/8” Rope
  • Standard Value Line comes with the Famous Super Grab
  • Double Locking Snaphooks Integrated into Lifeline
  • Serial Number and Warning Label Permanently Attached
  • Available in 25’, 50’, 75’ and 100’ Stock Lengths
  • Custom Sizes Readily Available
  • Supplied with or without Rope Grab for your Convenience

Don"t let the name fool you – our Value Line is ready for work! This lifeline complies with OSHA, ANSI and is available in CSA Compliant Version.

Part # Description
4016 25' Value Lifeline with Super Grab
4017 50' Value Lifeline with Super Grab
4020 25' 3Strand Value LifeLine w/ Snaphook & NO Rope Grab
4021 50' 3Strand Value LifeLine w/ Snaphook & NO Rope Grab
4022 75' 3Strand Value LifeLine w/ Snaphook & NO Rope Grab
4023 100' 3Strand Value LifeLine w/ Snaphook & NO Rope Grab
4024 3 Strand Value Custom Lifeline (Length per ft.)
4025 3 Strand Value Custom Lifeline Assembly (Charge w/ 4024)
4015 Super Grab Rope Grab
4015V Modified Super Grab Rope Grab
4015M Mechanical Rope Grab Device
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