50ft. Maxima Lifeline w/ Snap-hook - 4083

by Super Anchor Safety

SAS # 4083

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    The Maxima 50' 3-strand vertical lifeline is very strong, abrasion & water resistant and is our least-expensive lifeline to date. This fills the void for the contractor who is on a budget but cannot sacrifice safety. We assemble the Maxima in our Monroe, WA warehouse using a special aluminum swage on our hydraulic press and then cover it with an adhesive PVC Cover. The eye-splice houses a 3,600lb. gate strength, double locking Snaphook, English/Spanish warning label and inspection report.

    You can use any 5/8" mechanical rope grab on the Maxima as well as our Super Anchor Super Grab Prussic-Style soft rope grabs. It is rated for 10,582 pounds and complied with OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards. A comprehensive Instruction/Specification Manual.

    • 5/8" thick, 3-strand, 10,582lb Strength Rating
    • Can be used with Mechanical and Prussic Rope Grabs
    • Aluminum Swage Eye Splice with Adhesive PVC Cover
    • Resists UV Exposure, Abrasion and Water Absorption
    • Our Least Expensive Lifeline
    • Retail Packaged for Showroom Sales

Part # Description
4083 50' Maxima
4083V 50' Maxima with Value Prussic Rope Grab
4086 50' Maxima with Mechanical Rope Grab

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