Super Anchor ARS Tile Roof Anchor Kit 1020 - 6-Pack


The Tile Roof Anchor features the same design criteria as the famous ARS 2x8 anchor, with just a little longer stem length. Why? By adding the extra 1.5" to the stem length, the anchor is easily flashed through the pan or barrel section of the tile, leaving the attachment hole accessible.

The standard tile roof flashing features an EPDM boot that is vulcanized to a malleable 20"x20" aluminum base providing a means to easily conform to the undulations of S-tiles and high profile concrete tiles. A large dimension lead base measuring 12"x16" is also available as a top flashing. Both types can be used to meet the specifications of the National Tile Roofing Associations for pre-flashing, or double jack system. We offer three different stem covers, too: terra-cotta, light gray and black to compliment most of the popular roof tile colors.

  • Taller Anchor Stem to go Through Tile
  • Special Flashing Base Conforms to Tile
  • Detailed Instruction/Specification Manual for Tile
  • Black, Gray and Terra Cotta Stem Covers to Match Tile
  • 6 pack or Single Package Available

The ARS Tile Roof Instruction manual includes a special 10 page flashing specification guide illustrating several practical ways to solve high and low profile roof tile penetration problems.