Super Anchor D-Minus Anchor Point Naked 1075B - 80-pack


The new OSHA Fall Protection Rules are now being enforced and the roofing industry needs a cost effective, easy-to-install, versatile anchorage device. The D-Minus anchor covers all the above and more. This anchor comes loaded with more features than anchor other anchor device on the market; including:

  • Extreme cost effectiveness
  • 5 certified pre-engineered fastener options
  • Installs with just 6 fasteners
  • Fall Indicator stem warns of in-service loading
  • Paintable to match any roofing color
  • Sold in convenient retail friendly 10 packs
  • Accepts all 3,600lb gate strength connectors
  • Permanent/Temporary/Disposable/Reuseable
  • Factory butyl flashing strip available
  • Recommended Spacing every 12' o.c.
  • Fasteners are covered by overlapping roofing
  • OSHA 5,000 pound rated anchor

With just one box of 10 anchors you can cover a lot of square footage. Layout is simple: place the anchors every 12' on-center (one of each side of the ridge). They are designed to last the life of the roof and will offer valuable protection for anyone up on the roof surface