Super Anchor Safety Deluxe Fall Protection Harness Tool Bag Combo - Hi-Vis 6151H

The Super Anchor Deluxe Full Body harness is extremely comfortable and can be worn all day long even when loaded down with the tools of your trade. We designed this harness to spread the load of the weight of the tool bags over the whole torso, shoulders and hips, not just the shoulders. These harnesses come with an amazing set of custom-made tool pouches that are loaded with features that workers wanted in a set of tool bags that make their job faster, easier and more comfortable. The Tool Bag set that comes with the harness features:

  • 3-Pouch Tool Bag 9” Deep Pocket with XHD fabric
  • 2-Pouch Tool Bag made from XHD fabric 600 denier fabric
  • Hammer Holder with Metal Hook
  • 16-Grommeted Utility Belt 2” wide for extra support
  • Velcro Backing for added stability

The Rear D-Ring and 2 Side D-Rings offer you the option of utilizing fall arrest or fall restraint. Durability is achieved in the materials that we use to make the harness – SAS Tri-Lam3 comfort fabric, 5,000-pound rated webbing and polyester backer fabric. 5-point adjustability allows you to adjust the leg, shoulder and chest straps to fit your exact size all with quick release buckles that connect and disconnect in just seconds. All quick connect buckles and the rear D-ring feature black EDC coating that give you long lasting hardware that looks great. The SAS Tri-Lam3 fabric resists UV and water absorption. This is achieved this by combining Comfort Mesh/Closed Cell Foam Core/Polyester Fabric Cover all combined in a patented pending product. The harness is built around a heavy-duty waist belt that comes with a Velcro backer to attach our tool bags (or any tool bags that you choose) and a 16-grommet waist belt. The grommeted waist belt features amazingly strong grommets and a buckle that will last a very long time. This belt is designed to secure any future tool belts or hammer holders.

We install fall indicator labels on each shoulder strap to warn the user that the harness has been subjected to free fall forces. Additionally, the Warning/Inspection label package is sewn onto the shoulder strap and protected by a webbing keeper. The inspection label gives you the option of marking off the month/year that the harness was inspected. The 3” wide elastic keepers keep all excess webbing stored and out of harm’s way, too. The side D-rings can also be stored in the special elastic storage compartments when not in use. All our Deluxe Harnessed are compatible with SAS Energy Absorbers and ExTender Lanyards for a wide range of connecting options.

  • Fully Padded Chest, Shoulder and Leg Straps
  • Full set of All-Pakka Tool Bag and Hammer Holder
  • 3 D-Rings for Fall Arrest or Work Positioning
  • Fall Indicator Labels
  • English/Spanish Warning and Inspection Labels
  • Side D-Ring Elastic Storage
  • Tri-Lam3 Solid Core Padding
  • 16 Grommet Waist Belt
  • Quick Connect Leg and Chest Buckles
  • Heavy Duty Rear D-Ring Pad
  • 100% Black E-Coated Hardware
  • Fixed Position Chest Strap
  • Compatible with all SAS “All-Pakka” Tool Bags

5 sizes are offered to make sure that you get a harness that fits properly. Unlike other harnesses on the market, each size is made with a body frame specifically designed for the user. We worked very close with Roofing and Framing contractors throughout the design, research and development process to manufacture a harness that fit perfectly. Speaking to each size individually:

  • Small: Perfect for the smallest workers in the industry. This size is also popular with women in the workforce
  • Medium: Our 2nd most popular size behind the Large. This is perfect for the thinner workers that top out at about 6’ tall
  • Large: The most popular size and what we consider to be the “Universal” size
  • Long-Large: this harness size is made with a longer waist belt for users with a larger mid-section (or as we like to say “those with more power in the mid-section”)
  • X-Large: for users up to 320 pounds and 6-7” tall. This is the largest size harness that we offer

Super Anchor 6151 Installation Manual