Super Anchor Fall Arrest Trauma Step 6060


Our Suspension Trauma Emergency Preparedness is a simple device that can save your life just minutes after your harness saved your life. Yes, you have about 15 minutes before your body can be overcome with Suspension Trauma Syndrome. What is this?

When someone falls in a harness and is suspended for a period of time blood will begin to pool in the legs and sometimes in less than 5 minutes the person can faint. The situation becomes more dangerous because the harness leg straps can severely restrict the flow of blood altogether by cutting off the flow of blood to the femoral artery.

The S.T.E.P. is simply a "Webbing Ladder" that can be deployed after a free fall. Simply pull it out of the pouch, put a foot into one of the loops and stand up. This takes the pressure off of the femoral artery and thus prevents Suspension Trauma.

Consult your safety manager or receive proper training for rescue procedures.