Super Anchor MAX-S 20ft. SRL Fall Protection Kit 3204-US


MAX-S 20ft. SRL Fall Protection Kit:
2904k + PD-6101-HM +I6061 + 5006 + 3013-D USA Version

PD-6101 Pro-Deluxe Full Body Harness, Hinge-2 Dacromet coated re-usable fall arrest anchor, SidewinderTM Self Retracting

Lifeline with Z-rated Double Locking Snaphook, MAX Force E-4 energy absorber combo, 2 fastener types, carry bucket and English/Spanish instruction manual.

  • 10pc. Re-useable wood screws & 36pc.16d Duplex nails
  • Complies with OSHA & ANSI standards
  • Max. User Weight: 310 lbs