Super Anchor 2-D Lanyard Deluxe Kit with Captive Carabiners - Super Grab & Auto Lock Carabiner - 6515-DLX

SKU 6515-DLX

After many requests, Super Anchor developed a twin lanyard that allows workers to use the side D-rings on their harnesses for work positioning. This lanyard is specified for use as a Fall Restraint or Work Positioning device only. Do not use for Fall Arrest, vertical suspension, window-washing or rescue. We offer 6 different models all made with 3/16" wire rope, steel thimbles and connector "O" ring. All unites are hand-made in our factory in Monroe WA using state of the art swaging equipment. Accepts/Supplied with ANSI 3,600-pound gate strength connectors.

  • 7x19x3/16" Wire Rope with Steel Thimbles
  • 4,000-pound Tensile Strength
  • Super Compact and Lightweight
  • 6 Different Models Available