Super Anchor 30' SideWinder 2 SRL ABS Housing & Stainless Steel Braking System 2903-A


The SideWinder2 Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL’s) are designed to arrest a fall when a worker falls off a leading edge. They can be used on a flat roof, sloped roof or in a vertical (overhead) position. SRL’s are a very specialized piece of fall protection equipment and require user training in order to be used properly. Our SideWinder 2 SRL’s are offered in 30’ lengths and feature a strong ABS housing and galvanized 3/16” cable. All Sidewinders come with a steel autolocking carabiner to connect to your anchor point

  • Stainless Steel braking system
  • Durable 3/16” Cable
  • Custom Warning Label Package Resists Wear & Tear from Roofing Surface