Super Anchor APEX RidgeTop Anchor - Box of 10 with stainless steel fasteners - 2796

SKU 2796

This anchor was developed specifically for production builders and production roofing companies. It is installed directory over the roof decking and can be nailed down by the framing or roofing contractor. It eliminates the need to install a temporary anchor for fall protection thus saving time and money for all trades who need access to a fall protection anchor point for OSHA compliance. The unique design allows the roofer to "course under" the tie-off tab with a full course of roofing material – no more cutting or notching the shingle to accommodate your safety anchors. The next course of roofing is installed over the top of the anchor leaving the tie-off tab exposed. This is the only anchor on the market that allows the roofer to roof under/over without interrupting his install.

  • The APEX is one of the lowest cost anchors available in the market
  • Aesthetically pleasing design and does not detract from the look of the roof
  • Available in 2 styles – Ridgetop (2 connector holes) and Hip-Ridge/Field (1 connector hole)
  • Powder coated in brown and blends in with all colors of roofing material
  • Can be painted to match the roofing color