Super Anchor Base and Backer Plate Combo with Bolts - 1028-BP1K


The Super Anchor Swivel-D anchor is a fully articulating anchor that rotates 360-degrees and swivels 180-degrees. It can attach to virtually any structure including steel, wood and concrete with the proper 5/8” fastener (see Instruction Manual for fastener specifications). It is factory supplied with a 5/8”x2.5” bolt and lock nut. The Swivel-D is manufactured with a heavy-duty stainless-steel shackle and a zinc plated 2.0” inside diameter forged steel D-ring as well. It is a highly durable anchor that can be used for either temporary or permanent installation on the interior or exterior of your building or structure.

This anchor is very universal in its application as it can be bolted directly to numerous anchors already manufactured by SAS including our CRA Threaded Top Anchors/Risers, D-Plate Anchor, 2x-Member Wood Purlin Anchor, Corrugated Metal Roof Block, Standing Seam Anchor and more. Features:

  • Permanent or Temporary Installation
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Shackle & Bushing
  • 360-Degree Service Loading
  • Numerous Attachment Bolt Options Available
  • Bolt onto Wood, Metal or Concrete Surfaces
  • Attaches to Numerous SAS Anchor Points
  • Retail Packaged for Showroom Sales
  • Complies with OSHA & ANSI Standards