Super Anchor Chain Lanyard with Rebar Hook and 2 snaphooks - 6520K

SKU 6520K

Chain Lanyards are most commonly used to secure workers tieing to rebar but may be used in other applications. Our model is an industry standard featuring a 360-degree swivel snaphook with fall indicator. The Rebar hook has a large gate opening and complies with ANSI Z359 3,600-pound gate strength requirements. The snaphooks can be used to connect to harness side D-rings and also meet the ANSI Z359 3,600-pound gate strength requirement.

  • 3,600-pound gate strength connectors
  • 18 link chain 24" in length Grade 80
  • Swivel Rebar Hook with Fall Indicator
  • 2.5" Rebar Hook Gate Opening
  • Weight is 4 pounds