Super Anchor CRA 8" Riser & Pass-Thru with 16x16 Base Plate. Schedule 40, 3" OD, HDG 1035-PG


These are designed for intermediate anchors in a horizontal lifeline system that support a 3/8” diameter cable wire rope. The Pass-Through System does not require any mechanical parts and are the most economical horizontal systems on the market. The unique top fixture design allows a connector ring to be moved from one side of the top to the other side with a quick motion of moving the “O” ring through the top all while not becoming disconnected from the cable. 3 users can be tied off on the HLL system at one time. These are per-engineered permanent flat/low-slope roof anchors that come in 2 variations – a standard base-plate version or a weld on riser version. This model of CRA require a CRA End anchor, CRZ or CRA 4-Way Top as the end anchors in the horizontal lifeline system and spacing between anchors is standard at 20’ up to 30’ with a total horizontal lifeline length up to 130’. Example: 120’ total length HLL @ 20’ on center spacing: 2 end anchors, 5 pass-thru anchors, 2 HLL rigging kits, 1 HLL Energy Absorber and 120’ of cable. Pass-Through top anchors are not for window washing suspension and cannot be utilized for end anchors. They can be turned into single use fall protection anchors for 1 person with the use of our PTT Adapter System by slipping it over the anchor and securing it with a detent pin. The anchors are 3rd party engineered and specified for installation with mechanical screw fasteners, bolt attachments, cast-in-place, concrete embedment anchors or field welds.

  • 3rd Party Horizontal Lifeline Engineered System
  • For Use in Horizontal Lifeline System up to 130’
  • Individual Serial Number Tag Riveted onto Riser