Super Anchor CRZ Anchor - 1126-6A

SKU SAS1126-6A

The CRZ Anchor is an exclusive Super Anchor Safety design for installing onto wood beams used in the construction industry. The CRZ saddle mount can be installed over wood beams up to 4” in diameter. Smaller beams can be built up using additional material to match the 4.0” anchor leg I.D. The bolt through attachment provides a very strong connection point allowing the CRZ to be used for single person PPE, Horizontal Lifeline System (HLL) and Window Washing suspension. The engineered loop top design is extremely strong and accepts all industry standard snaphooks and carabiners.

  • 6”  Riser Height with Cast Loop Top Orientation Parallel with the Ridge (CRZ-A)

The CRZ Anchor with a pass-thru top allows the user to slide through the top of the anchor while remaining connected to the 3/8” horizontal cable lifeline. This feature provides a 100% tie-off along the entire length of the HLL system. Pass-Thru tops are oriented for the direction of the HLL using models AP or BP (below) and require the CRZ A or B models to be used as the HLL End Anchors. NOTE: Pass-Thru tops are not specified for personal fall protection anchors. They can only be used in conjunction with a cable HLL.

  • Available in Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG)
  • Riser material Schedule 40/0.203” Wall Thickness with 3.0”o.d.
  • Anchor supplied with the CRZ Bolt Pack
  • 35-year EPDM 10”x10”x4” Master Flashing for Metal Roofs sold separately
  • CRZ Z-Purlin Wood Block sold separately
  • Rated for Fall Arrest or use in a HLL System up to 120’
  • 5,000 Pound Minimum Strength
  • Complies with OSHA 1926:502 and ANSI-Z359.18-17 Type A/T
  • Meets ICWA 1-14.1 Window Washing Standards
  • 2,500 Maximum Proof Load to Cast Loop Top