Super Anchor D-Plate Facade Access Anchor with 6"x6" Base Plate, 4-Bold, HDG 1301-G Cal-OSHA Approved


This version of our D-Plate anchor has the 2.0” ID cast loop top welded to it. This top is strong enough to meet the Cal-OSHA standard for window washing tie-back as well as our stringent requirement for façade access/maintenance equipment tie-back. The low-profile single user CRA D-Plate anchor is designed to be installed onto wood, steel, CMU walls, concrete embedded or concrete structure and can be utilized for fall protection, window washing suspension or as a horizontal lifeline intermediate anchor. This anchor comes pre-engineered to be installed with bolts, wedge anchors or field welds for installation on walls, floors, ceilings and other areas where applicable. It measures 6” x 6” and has our cast loop top welded to the plate. The D-plate is not designed as a roof mounted anchor point as there is no way to waterproof it. Exterior wood framed walls can be flashed, and concrete/masonry walls require caulking on the edges. Fasteners are supplied by the customer. A variety of coatings/materials are available: galvanized, powder coated and stainless steel. Backer plates are also available.

  • Anchors are guaranteed for 5,000 pounds with zero deformation in any direction
  • 2.0” Cast Loop Top rated for over 10,000 pounds
  • Extensive 3rd party Engineering, Calculations and Testing