Super Anchor Safety Horizontal Lifeline 30-degree cable with Snaphooks - 1335

SKU 1335-10

The D-ShakL2 Anchors may be used in a horizontal lifeline application for 2 persons in fall arrest or 3 in fall restraint. Super Anchor Safety manufactures and supplies 30-degree anchor fixed length cables in 10’/12’/14’/16’/18’20’ lengths (the cable finished length is longer to achieve the desired 30’ angle). Simply install the anchor at the designated on-center widths as brought out in the D-ShakL2 Instruction/Specification Manual. Also, consult the SAS 2018 HLL 30-Degree Manual for more specifics and details on the premade horizontal lifeline. The D-ShakL2 must be bolted to the structure (no HLL allowed with lag screws). The D-ShakL2 may be used to link multiple HLL together using end anchors and center/intermediate anchors.

There are numerous applications in which you can use these lifelines with different anchor points including:

  • D-ShakL2 Anchor for HLL System
  • Choose your cable length up to 20’
  • 3rd Party Engineered 30-degree Angle HLL System
  • Extremely Cost Effective with Replaceable Parts
  • Temporary Installation on Flat or Pitched Surfaces
  • 2 person Fall Arrest or 3 person Fall Restraint
  • Super Heavy Duty 3/8” Galvanized Cable rated for 14,000+ pounds