Super Anchor Parapet Wall Anchor - 1097


A SAS exclusive design, our No.1097 Parapet Wall Anchor offers features not found in other wall clamps. Easily adjusts to varying wall thickness with 12 different positions and fitted with SAS No.1090 cast loop top. Compatible with many guardrail systems, our clamp features two 5/8″ bolts with welded nuts that provide a strong compression lock to hold guardrail stanchions in place with the twist of a wrench.

  • 1/8″x2″x2″ steel tube
  • Safety green powder coating
  • 12 adjustment points
  • Max. width 19-1/4″
  • No.2015-2.9-4 detent pin w/shock cord tether
  • 1-3/4″x1-3/4″i.d. stanchion sockets
  • 2ea 5/8″-11x 1-3/4” grade 5 stanchion bolts
  • Clamp weight 23lbs.

Super Anchor 1097 Installation Manual