Super Anchor RLT 18" Weld On Riser. Schedule 40, 3.0" OD, HDG 1045WG


This Pre-Engineered permanent flat/low-slope roof anchor is specified for use as a single user fall protection anchor point, a window-washing suspension/tie-back anchor point, as a horizontal lifeline intermediate anchor or as an intermediate anchor with pass-thru top. The anchors are designed for installation in the field by welding the riser to structure. Backed by full 3rd party engineering. CRA Weld-On Overview (see the Instruction/Specification Manual for details). Window Washing Suspension: Roof and Wall Safety/Tie-Back Anchors for window washing suspension require special consideration. North America safety standards require a building to have certified anchorages capable of supporting the necessary loads before any worker suspends from the anchor. Our anchors can help you provide compliance with OSHA, ANSI and IWCA I-14.1 standards for window cleaning or any other job requiring suspension over the edge of the building.

  • 5,000-pound Minimum Strength
  • Certified for Fall Protection and Window Washing
  • Pre-Engineered Design for Easy Compliance