Super Anchor Safety D-Minus Anchor Point Bulk Kit 1075BK - 80-pack with fasteners


Our popular 80 pack now available with spiral nails and butyl flashing strips.

The new OSHA Fall Protection Rules are now being enforced and the roofing industry needs a cost effective, easy-to-install, versatile anchorage device. The D-Minus anchor covers all the above and more. This anchor comes loaded with more features than anchor other anchor device on the market; including:

    • Extreme cost effectiveness
    • Factory butyl flashing strip included (80)
    • Installs with just 6 fasteners each (500 stainless spiral shank nails included)
    • Fall Indicator stem warns of in-service loading
    • Paint-able to match any roofing color
    • Sold in convenient retail friendly 10 packs
    • Accepts all 3,600lb gate strength connectors
    • Permanent/Temporary/Disposable/Reusable
    • Recommended Spacing every 12' o.c.
    • Fasteners are covered by overlapping roofing
    • OSHA 5,000 pound rated anchor

      Layout is simple: place the anchors every 12' on-center (one of each side of the ridge). They are designed to last the life of the roof and will offer valuable protection for anyone up on the roof surface

      Super Anchor 1075 Installation Manual