Super Anchor Safety Evac (Evacuation) Anchor

The Evac (short for Evacuation) anchor is a temporary anchor that mounts onto the truss at framing, sticks up through the sheathing and is used to connect PPE to.  The roofer roofs around the anchors and when the home is done you undo the bolt and hammer the anchor down into the attic. A zip tie keeps the anchor from falling off the truss.  The roofer patches the hole and the fall protection anchor has been successfully evacuated from the roof. This anchor can also be mounted inverted on the truss over specific equipment (HVAC Units) for a permanent fall protection anchor while accessing the attic.

This anchor was developed for production home builders who need fall protection during the construction of the house but do not want to leave anything for the homeowner to tie off to.

  • Quick, easy to install temporary anchor
  • Can be evacuated with just a hammer
  • Will not fall into attic insulation/sheetrock
  • Potential liability concerns are eliminated