Super Anchor Safety Horizontal Lifeline Rigging Kit - 1050

A complete assembly of engineered components required to rig a HLLS (horizontal lifeline system). Designed specifically for use with SAS commercial anchors, these kits can also be used with other mfg. equipment when engineered by a qualified person. Each Kit contains attachment bolts, lock nuts, couplers and wire rope. Specify the HLL length, and factory swage option at time of ordering. We also offer numerous parts to achieve a HLL system that works for your products including:

  • Rigging Kits: our standard turnbuckle/clamps/thimbles/sliders/energy absorber for lifeline lengths up to 120’. They include everything you need for a complete installation except for the cable. Available in galvanized or stainless-steel finishes.
  • Energy Absorber: a specialized in-line energy absorber
  • Turnbuckles: used in the horizontal lifeline system to adjust wire rope length and tension. Available in galvanized or stainless-steel finishes. Use 1 turnbuckle in systems up to 60’ and 2 turnbuckles in systems 60’ – 120’.
  • Cable: galvanized or stainless-steel 3/8” cable rated for 14,000 pounds. Use in runs up to 120’ and in conjunction with the rigging kits. (sold separately PN 1055)
  • Cable Clamps: used to terminate the end of the cable lifelines and available in galvanized and stainless-steel finishes.
  • Cable Thimble: used to terminate the end of our cable systems and are required on both ends of the HLL. Available in galvanized or stainless-steel finishes.
  • SAS Coupler Adapter: used to link turnbuckles, energy absorbers and CRA together
  • Connector “O” Rings: permanently attached to the HLL and used to connect your personal protective equipment to slide through pass-thru top CRA’s.
  • Pass-Thru Converter: a device that converts Pass-Through Top CRA’s into a Loop Top to connect your PPE to for a fall arrest rating
  • Label Packages: comprehensive warning, instruction and inspection label packages for all rigging equipment and hardware

Please refer to all applicable Instruction/Specification Manuals for further detailed information on rigging, attachment and use.

SAS1050-G  Includes 1 ea. #1065-AS energy absorber, 1 ea. #1058 turnbuckle, 6 ea. #1056 cable clamps, 2 ea. #1057 rope thimbles, 2 ea. #1087-SA or SC couplers, 1 ea. #1081-S coupler, 4 ea. #5010-SM PPE connector "O" rings and attachment hardware (2 ea. 5/8"x2.0" bolts, 3 ea. 5/8"x2.0" bolts, 1 ea. 5/8"x2-1/4" bolt, 1 ea. 9/16"x3.0 bolt, 2 ea. 3/8"x1.0" bolts).  Cable sold separately.