Super Anchor Standing Seam Anchor - 1207 Series

SKU SAS1207C-12X18

Standing Seam Anchor w/2pc SSC HDG Seam Clamps & 1pc PPE Swivel-D Anchor

Another SAS exclusive design, our No.1207 Standing Seam Anchor is available in 3 lightweight aluminum base plate sizes to fit panel seam widths of 8-1/2” up to 26-1/2” wide. 3rd party tested to withstand a 5,000lb force in the specified load direction and installs with only 4 bolts and is compatible with a wide range of panel widths and profiles using our No.1208 andNo.8511 RCT seam clamps.

SSCA Panel Seam Width Adjustment

SSC and RCT clamps provide a wide range of metal panel seam widths. Prior to installing the SSCA anchor, measure the panel seam width to confirm if the clamp type and clamp position are compatible. SSC clamps standard position will fit most seam widths.

RCT Clamps No.8511

Designed to attach to most seam profiles. Requires 4clamps. Each clamp is attached to the seam w/3ea3/8” sst hex socket screws. for seam compatibility.

SSC Clamp Positions

Standard position allows clamp bolts to be tightened with the baseplate attached. Seam widths less than 11-1/2” are attached by flipping one of the SSC clamps and installing it first. Consult Manual.