Super Anchor Standing Seam Temporary Roof Anchor with Set Screws 8510


The Standing Seam Roof Anchor is a revolutionary product allowing roofing contractors, building owners and homeowners to work safety on standing seam metal roofs without penetrating the panels. This anchor will fit over 500 standing seam panel profiles with no reassembly required. Fits Steel panels only with a minimum 24-gauge thickness. These include T-Seams, Bulb Seams, SnapLock, Single Lok, Double Lok, MR-24, etc. NOTE: Only install on standing seam roofing that is a minimum 24 gauge and manufactured from steel. The patented, non-penetrating design of the anchor is unlike anything currently available. It is made from solid 6016-T6 aluminum with 12 stainless steel set screws. This anchor is best for temporary use but can be left permanently. Permanent installations can have the anchor powder coated to match the color of the roof. User must use an inline shock absorber or shock pack when using the anchor.

  • 24-gauge steel panel roofing installed with cupped or nylon tip set screws
  • 360-degree working radius