Super Anchor Toss’R Web Self Retracting Lifeline - 6' - 2990-A6

SKU 2990-A6

The Toss'R Self Retracting Lanyards (SRL's) are designed to arrest a fall when a worker falls. They are available in 6' and 11' web lengths. They have a centrifugal braking design that locks up when the webbing is deployed more than 4.5 per second. It connects to the rear harness D-Ring for fall arrest or the side D-Ring for fall restraint. Includes a built-in energy absorber and a captive aluminum auto-locking carabiner. The service life is between 1-5 years depending on the environment and type of use (see Table 1.0 in instruction Manual). They are disposable and cannot be rebuilt or serviced. All Toss'R SRL's include a steel autolocking carabiner to connect to your anchor point. Features include:

  • Webbing SRL in 6'
  • ABS Housing is Extremely Durable
  • Warning Label on Housing
  • Double Locking, 3,600-pound captive Aluminum Carabiner
  • Durable Webbing
  • Maximin Arresting Distance 42"
  • Complied with OSHA and ANSI Standards