Super Anchor WS TrussBar Attic Anchor - 2835

SKU 2835

The WS-TrussBar™ is an SAS exclusive design specified for use in attic spaces where other types of fall protection anchorage devices are not practical to install. Manufactured from lightweight aluminum, the WS-TrussBar easily installs to the underside of all standard size top chords and is adjustable for 12", 16" and 24" top chord spacing. The bar legs easily rotate to compensate for imperfect top chord spacing. Use for single person PPE tie-off or HLL systems. This anchor can be used as a temporary device or can be left permanently for future use.

  • 5,000lb min. tensile strength
  • Lightweight aluminum 6.5lb
  • Easily adjustable for standard top chord spacing
  • Supplied with re-useable WS wood screws
  • Single person tie off with lifelines or SRL's
  • Use with HLL systems no. 1335 and 1336 for a maximum spacing of 20ft.
  • Can be used as a permanent tie-off point for attic access as required by confined space standards
  • English/Spanish instruction manuals