Super Anchor Truss Bar Anchor 2833-DP - Detent Pin

SKU 2833-DP

This has to be one of our most unique anchors next to the Evac Anchor. The Truss Spanner is for the builders who want to provide an anchor for their trades but does not want it to stay permanently due to liability concerns. Super Anchor is one of the best at providing permanent anchors, so this was an interesting challenge. How do you provide fall protection from the framing stage all the way up until the keys are turned over to the new homeowner? Truss Spanner

Here is how it works:

  • Install the Truss Spanner onto Truss at Predetermined Locations
  • Use the T.S. during the Framing and Sheeting Stage
  • Feed Tie Off Straps Up Through or In-Between Sheeting
  • All Trades Post Sheeting Have a Tie-Off Point
  • Roofer Cuts Off Straps when House is Finished
  • Truss Spanner Stays Attached to Truss but Unusable

The Truss Spanner can have 2 workers tied off to it at the same time which, unlike any other anchor on the market, means that you can use fewer anchors than you thought.