Super Anchor Value Rope Grab 4015V


Our Value Grab features the same design principals of our "Super Grab" featured one page back. We did change some things due to easier manufacturing and user input. Here are the main design differences between the Value Grab and Super Grab

  • Value Grab has Integral Snaphook Installed
  • Does Not Include Nylon Polymer Cover
  • Is Not Dyed Blue in Color

Other than that, it works just the same as our Super Grab #4015 Device. Here is the rest of the story:

The most reliable means of grabbing line and resisting slip is the prussic knot, which predates any written history that we know of. Used primarily in mountaineering and tree climbing (usually regarded as more hazardous than construction), this knot will maintain its grip on the lifeline even when wet, frozen or caked with mud. The prussic always remains flexible and expands/contracts with the lifeline. Any subtle force exerted in the ascending or descending direction initiates the locking feature with only a few inches of slip under extreme force. The prussic resists snagging and will not scratch metal roofing surfaces. Our patent pending Super Grab cover is engineered with a special type of polymer that's designed to deform when subjected to 900 lbs. of force or more. What more could you ask from a rope grab device?

  • Lightweight, Non-Mechanical Rope Grab for Construction
  • Uni-Directional Locks in both Directions
  • Will not Scratch Roofing Surface (or Roofer)
  • Comes Preinstalled on our Deluxe Lifelines
  • Remains Flexible in any Weather
  • Trusted by Roofers for over 19 years

Our Super Grab is the only device that allows workers to use the lifeline in "reverse", that is, have the Rope Grab connected to the anchor point and the spliced end of the lifeline connected to the shock absorber on the back of the workers harness. Why do this? Simple – no more excess lifeline chasing you all day. All of the extra lifeline stays at the top of the roof near the anchor point. Want more information on this awesome way of working? See the Instruction Manual at the right entitled "Reverse Lifeline Rigging".