Super Anchor Horizontal Lifeline Turnbuckle 1058

by Super Anchor Safety

SAS # 1058

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To complement our line of Commercial Roof Anchors we offer a heavy duty horizontal lifeline system and accessories. The Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) is specifically built for our CRA anchors and works seamlessly with them. We use a 3/8" galvanized cable as the foundation of the system and then utilize Crosby clamps for clamping, turnbuckles for tension adjustment and a Metal Shock Absorber for those who want an in-line absorber. If you are using our CRA Pass-Thru anchors in between the end anchors then you can utilize the sliding "O" ring to pass through the special top of the anchor without having to disconnect your lifeline or lanyard.

Our Instruction/Specification manual at the right covers all pertinent warnings, parts and inspection, spacing and cable length calculations in depth. Here are some highlights of our HLL System:

  • 3/8" Cable can be run up to 120' continuous
  • Stainless Steel Cable is Available
  • HLL Kits are Stocked for Standard CRA's and Pass-Thru CRA's
  • Cable is rated at 14,400 lbs.
  • Fully Compatible with all SAS Safety Products
  • Metal Absorber is Available
  • 3/4" Turnbuckles Come Standard

Horizontal Lifelines require specialized training and must be used in strict accordance with SAS Manuals. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us at the numbers listed.

Part # Description
1055 3/8" Cable Galvanized
1055S 3/8" Cable Stainless Steel
1056 3/8" Clamps
1058 3/4" Turnbuckles
1059 Metal Energy Absorber
1053 Metal Energy Absorber Coupler
5010 Metal "O" Rings
1050 HLL Kit up to 60' Max (6 clamps, 1 turnbuckle)
1051 HLL Kit for up to 120' Max (6 clamps, 2 turnbuckles)
1050P HLL Kit up to 60' Max (6 clamps, 1 turnbuckle, 4 "O" rings)
1051P HLL Kit up to 120' Max (6 clamps, 2 turnbuckles, 4 "O" rings)

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